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I don need to say too much about Brian because all Geelong fans know exactly what he done since arriving at the club in 1999 and turned the club upside down.

Without knowing too much about Gill credentials other than what you hear in the media, I think he had the runs on the board, such as through his negotiations in the broadcast rights deal, and deserves to be the new AFL chief.

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It would have been a tough loss for Adidas Sweatshirt Purple

event people could have gone to, even if they didn follow either side.

Geelong is very lucky that Brian Cook is still with us.

It was a real buzz and it was an Pink Adidas Tracksuit Kids

Geelong if Brian went it would have been a great new adventure for him and I sure he would have done a great job.

Still, Geelong would have lost a valuable part of its structure, and I think the most important thing about Brian is he is so passionate about improving the club, even after all these years. Having dealt with him a bit more this year by being in the leadership group, you Adidas Sweatshirt Mens Vintage can just see he has this massive desire to keep the club successful, and that, I think, is pretty special.

After all, lower prices means more fans can go. And the bigger the crowd, the better it is for the players. Everybody wins.

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Gillon, in his previous role as Andrew Demetriou right hand man, was involved heavily in the players collective bargaining agreement and has a commitment to looking after the players.

game generates.

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Adidas Sweatshirt Mens Vintage

If we can get this kind of noise for our remaining five games at Simonds Stadium this year, it will make a massive difference.

Last year at Simonds Stadium, for the opening of the new stand and lights, and then again for our final against Fremantle, we were able to see the full power of our home crowd.

They often say AFL centres on two groups the fans and the players. The players put on the show for the fans to enjoy. Without either, the game doesn exist.

´╗┐Gillon McLachlan has got his priorities right by looking after the best interests of the fans

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So another thing I like to see Gillon look into is ensuring us, as players, get our fair share of the funds the Adidas Sweater Crop Top

Adidas Sweatshirt Mens Vintage

Adidas Sweatshirt Mens Vintage

Cooky got down to the last three for the AFL top job, which is a reflection of just how good he is.

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That would be a great outcome. We love playing the game and it great to be paid to do what you love, but we also do a lot to grow and promote the game off the field in the community, in schools and local clubs.

You only had to feel atmosphere at Adelaide Oval last weekend to know how good a full stadium is, even though we were on the receiving end of most of it!

I know at Geelong, people like Steven Hocking are working on ways to engage our supporters even more, and that can only be a positive for everyone.

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Which is why it was pleasing to hear new AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan promise to footy fans that he is going to cut the cost of going to games.

If the AFL makes it more affordable for fans to get to the games, it not only a win for the loyal supporters but it also a win for us as players because we get to play in front of bigger crowds creating a cauldron of atmosphere.

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For the players, it isn about being greedy, we just want to know we getting a reflective percentage of the AFL revenue for what we put in.

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