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hits lower income noncustodial parents harder than it hits higher income noncustodial parents, acknowledged Sacramento County Department of Support Services director Terrie Hardy Porter.

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When it comes to the poorest families, the state government keeps most child support money for itself, often disincentivizing parents from pursuing claims or paying them. It also charges the poor a larger portion of their incomes than the rich. According Adidas Sweatshirts Maroon to the state child support calculator, a noncustodial parent earning $200,000 a year with one child and an ex with no income would have to pay 12 percent of their salary into the system. Under the same circumstances, someone making minimum wage would have to pay 16.5 percent, even as that money is less likely to reach the child.

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no incentive to work with us, but to receive aid, you have to work with us, Hardy Porter explained.

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bill, he said. screw it. and Metcalf are like many of the 53,563 people who owed some form of child support in Sacramento County as of February 28. Their own personal missteps, as well as a system that penalizes the poor, nearly convinced them to give up on their families. was like, cares? Metcalf said. never thought that I have the resources at my hand. took the persistence of one local child support officer, and a casual conversation between two county employee brothers, to turn this particular tale around, but not all stories end this well.

Parents receiving federal aid get only a maximum of $50 a month, and 80 percent of child support recipients in the county are either on aid or used to be, DCSS figures show.

When parents don pay, the government keeps tacking on interest, regardless of the circumstances. It also suspends any state issued license, which can imperil employment and cases of driving on a suspended license someone in jail, where the interest keeps climbing.

The Western Center on Law and Poverty is trying to iron out that last wrinkle. It carrying Assembly Bill 1654, which would increase the pass through amount to custodial parents on welfare, said legislative advocate Mike Herald. The federal child support system did something similar in 2006, he added, but California has lagged behind. know that when noncustodial parents know the child support goes to the children that they are more likely to pay, and pay more, he said.

Local agencies like hers patrol a murky territory between state mandates and the realities that lower income parents face. not anybody advocate, she added. the conduit. the current fiscal year, which runs through June, internal county figures show that only 29 percent had fully complied with their monthly obligations, which average $378.50. Another 44 percent partially complied, meaning they paid at least once during the past fiscal year. That leaves about 7,132 individuals who didn pay any child support to the county.

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As for the 27,147 who owe arrears legal term for past due amounts percent made at least one court ordered payment in the past fiscal year.

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The courts ordered Metcalf to pay down an $8,000 principal in 2008, the same year he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of battery on a spouse or cohabitant. A 10 percent interest rate shot that amount past $28,000 over the next few years.

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When Aduca last exited custody, after serving a 45 day jail bit for drug violation in August 2013, his debt had reached $189,000.

Both were ordered to pay child support by Sacramento County, then watched their Adidas Crop Top Long Sleeve

Adidas Sweatshirts Maroon

Fall far enough behind, and a parent could owe the state for the rest of his or her life.

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the approximately $111 million that Sacramento County child support agency collected during the previous fiscal year, in 2012 2013, a quarter of that money went into reimbursing the system.

respective payment obligations balloon while behind bars.

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Government interest rates make it less likely for Sacramento

Adidas Sweatshirts Maroon

Adidas Sweatshirts Maroon

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