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White Adidas Hoodie Boys

White Adidas Hoodie Boys

White Adidas Hoodie Boys

turn around

White Adidas Hoodie Boys

tap posts before play resumes on my half of the field; left tap, then right.

step to the top of the crease and get into the regular stance (as if getting ready for a shot), and then stay in that stance until the ref blows his whistle for the opening faceoff so that the game begins

´╗┐Goalie superstitions

someone to warm me up, i shot 10/10 1 game and every game its with me i did well.

When I walk into my goal before a game starts (box):

White Adidas Hoodie Boys

always keep my torque in my bag for Adidas Sports Bra High Support

White Adidas Hoodie Boys

tap one post with my freehand, the other with the shaft of my stick

During play I screw with the other teams heads. Stop in play, I have been known to ask the nearest forward if someone stepped in their stick pocket because it looks like it is screwed up. I then ask them that isn't your normal pocket is it? I mean because of how you shoot and pass, it must be broke. That shift they are messed up. with some of them, it throws them off all game. Then some get mad and try to shoot at my head. but that is okay. it is over the net.

today" until he finally does shoot on me and I then tell him "not today junior, I own you today".

Day of game, be by myself. No talking to anyone. Plenty of visualization of how I want the game to go. Before the first faceoff, I have already played the game in my head.

White Adidas Hoodie Boys

I screw around as much as I want. The minute I step on the game field in full pads becomes serious time. I have done this from day 1 in highschool and it got me recruited to college and through my college days. I get the jokes out before the game and focus 100% when the whistle blows. Come to think of it, my mind is completely clear, I keep up with the task at hand and dont even think about the previous shot a player took whether it went in or I saved it. I stay in the now and not the past.

Left side equipment on first. Warm up, first one on the floor always with a ball in my stick. End of warm ups, have a ball in my stick until I get off the floor then I toss it to a nearby kid. Game time tap the right post first with the butt end of my stick, grab the left post with my left hand and back up so the cross bar is firm against my back. I stare at their best player and tell myself "I own him Adidas Sweater Dress Pink

Everytime in training I look at my posts and go cmon boys lets win this thing hahaha

When you go from HS to college you cant have stupid crap like wear black socks or some Adidas Black Hoodie Girls

So what happens then? Does that make you a worthless goalie?

White Adidas Hoodie Boys

White Adidas Hoodie Boys

and above all, LUCKY CUP with my compression shorts!

tap the left post (as in when I'm walking to the goal and standing looking at the goal) with my goalie stick

White Adidas Hoodie Boys

always punch my pocket during warmups and right before game. most people probably do that too but i do it when i dont need to.

White Adidas Hoodie Boys

other random item. If you coach demands all players wear short white socks then you do it.

I also wear high white sox only in games though, and I have a theaory that you can warm up your shins by taking an attack stick nd hitting each shin the times, but you doing it so ud gra the stick and do it. And talking to the goalie I always try to give him something White Adidas Hoodie Boys weird to think about so I say you ready for this when were shaking and stare him down cause i know hes going to go to the crease and say wtf am i ready haha mind games!

listen to some hard songs and some more rythmic songs. i have a playlist mixed with rap, alternative, metal, and some rock. somethin to get me loose but to get into a relaxed mood.

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